We are about to experience the end of Cannabis prohibition in Canada. But as Canada is made up of provinces and territories which each will be responsible for their own legislation on how it is produced, cultivated and sold this leaves for a lot of questions. This is where Joint Encounters is here for you. We aim to be a for front on all news cannabis locally, federally, and globally. 

Come and join us on this fantastic journey into the world of cannabis. Whether it's information you are after or some fun and enlightening discussion we look to keep you entertained and coming back for more. We really want to work on building a dialog on this subject. Both sides are welcome to discuss their sides and hopefully we can all learn something and become better people from it. As time progresses we look to do some live casting from locations where we will invite listeners and bystanders to join in with their thoughts and opinions. We will also be having a wide range of guests within the industry in different fields. 

So now that you have a little idea of what we are doing here is a little something about each of your hosts.



Daniel is a 20 year smoker of cannabis who has been involved in many different fields within the industry. He has been in the industrial construction industry for the last 14 years where he worked in a wide array of plants all over the province of Alberta. Since moved back to the Okanagan from Alberta about 4-5 years ago he has been enjoying the sunshine and beaches. He is often seen to be frequenting festivals where he is often seen in a strange collection of costumes. He has been rumored to enjoy all movie genres as well as play a video game or two. In the summer month he enjoys to spend his time skateboarding and enjoying the summer weather. 

Other projects

As of right now he is only doing Joint Encounters however he has a couple other podcast and vlog ideas in the works.

Rachel Leonorra


Originally from the U.K, Rachel sought out a better life in Canada at age 16 and considers that move a saving grace. Fascinated by the subconscious mind, she has traveled throughout British Columbia and Alberta seeking education that allows her to understand herself at a deeper level. She enjoys conversations, typically about anything and everything and loves socializing. She considers herself a Nomad, with travel being the bug beneath her skin that drives the force for a better life. 

Rachel likes to keep herself busy operating her own businesses within the Okanagan. She is currently focused on getting her first book published that will address mental health, suicide prevention and learning ones own intuitive nature. 


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