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Joint Encounters Episode One. Recorded April 19, 2018

In episode one we explore British Columbia and its future legislation for the legalization of recreational Cannabis. As well as a quick strain review on Strawberry Banana.



Joint Encounters Episode Two. Recorded April 30, 2018

In episode two we explore Alberta and its future legislation for the legalization of recreational Cannabis. As well as a quick strain review on Moby Dick.



Joint Encounters Episode Three. Recorded May 5, 2018

In episode three we take a look at medicinal cannabis and how other countries around the world are embracing it. Not everything went as planned during this podcast but as we are trying to provide an organic experience we should include our ups and our downs.



Joint Encounters Episode Four. Recorded May 10, 2018

In episode four we take a look at the differences between Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. Examining some truths and myths about them and how to pick the right strain for you. So come join and hopefully you learn something because we sure did.



Joint Encounters Episode Five. Recorded June 1, 2018

In episode five we interview Geoff White with CanGenX in Penticton. CanGenX is as of right now a research and development company the has mastered tissue culture propagation. They also have created a new nutrient system called Mantis which is an all-in-one grow system.



Joint Encounters Episode Six. Recorded July 17, 2018

In episode six we join Dan in recapping some of what has happened in Canada as far as Bill C-45 goes. We also look into some of what went on during the third and final sitting of the senate as well as a brief look at how each province and territory is going to be implementing their cannabis legislation.



Joint Encounters Episode Seven. Recorded July 22, 2018

In episode seven Dan is joined by long time friend  and fellow Penticton resident Susie. In this episode we sit down and discuss the resent passing of C-45 as well and hopes and concerns it has brought up.



Joint Encounters Episode Eight. Recorded September 17, 2018

In episode eight Dan covers some concerns with the upcoming legalization in Canada as well as discuss how the BCLDB will be dealing with Oct 17th.



Joint Encounters Episode Nine. Recorded October 10, 2018

In episode Nine Daniel interviews David O'Brien, who was running for city council in Penticton. They talk about the social and economic impacts of the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada



Joint Encounters Episode Ten. Recorded November 21, 2018

In episode Ten Daniel looks at the first month of legalization. He also takes a couple minutes to address the issue of mental health and creating awareness.



Joint Encounters Episode Eleven. Recorded February 7, 2019

In episode Eleven Dan comes back after a long time off with new news and opinions on whats happening with cannabis in Canada.



Joint Encounters Episode Twelve. Recorded March 13th, 2019

In episode Twelve Daniel is joined by his friend Angela where they discuss edible awareness and well as the link between cannabis use and psychosis. 



Joint Encounters Episode Thirteen. Recorded March 12th, 2019

In today's episode Daniel sits down with another Daniel from Starbuds Canada which has been approved for operating a Cannabis Retail store in the lake country area. We talk about the company and their goals here with their first store getting ready to open its doors.



Joint Encounters Episode Fourteen. Recorded May 2, 2019

In episode 14 Daniel is joined by Julie from Ogo Float in Penticton where we dive into the topic of floating. We also discuss the journey of mixing cannabis with floating and some of the creativity that ensues from this experience.



Joint Encounters Episode Fifteen. Recorded May 26, 2019

In episode 15 Daniel sits down with Travis to talk about drug testing and how we are lacking accurate forms of cannabis testing especially for post incident testing.



Joint Encounters Episode Sixteen. Recorded May 30, 2019

In episode sixteen Daniel is joined by comedic guest Andrew Verge as they dive into the world of comedy and its ties to cannabis. This is tied in with random and funny conversations about everything.


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